Manjian Design Works. Bespoke fine jewellery - Sydney
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Manjian Design Works creates custom designed jewellery tailored to your style and budget.

Dikran Manjian of Manjian Design Works has been servicing the high end of the trade sector since 2003, and now he offers his services to retail clients. You can visit him at his
creative studio in The Rocks.

The trade go to him with jewellery that demands precision and attention to detail, including many pieces for jewellery design competitions. Retail clients appreciate he's one of the best in the trade, but they choose him as their jeweller because Dikran Manjian understands the sentiment each piece holds- both for the giver and the wearer.

For most, an engagement ring is the first piece of serious jewellery bought. Usually, it is the first time people need to really know what "the Cs" regarding diamonds are all about. Dikran Manjian is more than happy to explain this to you. Dikran feels it is important for you to gain a sound understanding, because you need to feel confident about the jewellery you are buying.

With Dikran, the process of custom designing and purchasing a bespoke piece of jewellery is a memorable experience- it truly adds to the pleasure of acquiring new, beautiful jewellery made just for you, just the way you imagined it would be.

Feel free to contact Manjian Design Works to book a consultation.